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So you want to know more about Us before our meeting?


From Ebenezer,

I am a full-time husband, wedding photographer, wedding videographer & dog owner.

I'm also a fresh Film Major who has been shooting weddings throughout the past 5 years. I've enjoyed working with amazing individuals, creating profile videos, and covering countless pre-weddings & actual day weddings.

Over the years, I've adapted a Renaissance painting technique (Chiaroscuro) into my cinematic style; photography & cinematography. Photography has brought me to experience Iceland, Taiwan, Indonesia, Greece and many other destinations.

Now that I have graduated from film school, I can finally focus on the people around me.

I believe a wedding should be an uncomplicated documentation of the most special day of your life. 

I believe having good taste is important, only then, will every decision you make contain great value. I especially love to work with couples whose individuality shines.

I believe that any married couple would agree with me....

...Your wedding is special, don't settle because of convenience.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Meet The Team

Putting in the work behind the scenes :)

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Associate Photographer

"I'm a Interior Design graduate with a passion for photography and football. My ideal wedding would be super intimate. Beginning in the early evening with parents, siblings, and a few of our closest friends in a park, and finally over a beautiful sunset."

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Associate Cinematographer

"I've been a photographer for a while, otherwise a professional hobo at wherever there's food or an office cat (with food involved). I like eating, drinking rock climbing, trekking, taking pictures, reading, writing, planning concepts; preferably all in one long holiday. My ideal wedding would be in a small function, intimate function near nature with family and friends."

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"I'm an Art Design & Media graduate and currently a full time designer and part time dancer. I would imagine getting married to myself, and walking into the sunset with myself, with an all expenses paid honeymoon by non other than, MYSELF!"

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"I am interested in communication. I dabble in photography sometimes, but I like what words can do. When I'm not working, I'm studying, when I'm not studying, I'm training. I don't sleep. I would love to have an OTT wedding ending under the Milky Way, if it can be done, it will be done. It don't look like it, but I'm fancy."

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"I'm from Arts Design & Media and LOVE MCDONALDS!! 🍔 🍟I would love to have an outdoor wedding with as little human as possible."